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A century or two before Post-Self, before the advent of uploading, humanity had just begun to dabble in exocortices and managed sensoria. They offloaded some of the work the brain was performing onto other substrates — bubble memories, organic processors…hardware instead of wetware.

As in all late capitalist economies, with every scientific advance came a whole host of products.

Some good, some bad.

Some useful, some fun, mere toys.

And this is when humanity started changing.

There is a description of the universe in which the stories take place and some shared characters which authors may use, and the existing entries posted from the creators involved in the project upon which to build.

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Getting Lost - Chapter 11 Jan 27, 2017 • Madison Scott-Clary

Rating: green

Sleep did not come easily.

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Getting Lost - Chapter 10 Jan 25, 2017 • Madison Scott-Clary

Rating: green

Carter hadn’t meant to dodge her subordinate’s question. They truly did need to go in to eat.

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Getting Lost - Chapter 9 Jan 23, 2017 • Madison Scott-Clary

Rating: green

It took AwDae just under two hours to find the microphone.

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