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The Exocortices Universe

Set somewhere in our future, the world of Exocortices is one filled with technology, but much of it still remains out of reach of the average citizen. Social stratification keeps increasing, as do overpopulation and economic turbulence. The wealthier individuals — the upper class and the truly rich, as well as some of what remains of the upper-middle class — work in managed sensoria systems. These allow one to delve into a system which takes control of their senses, dropping them in a world separate from the one which contains their bodies. These “decks” require a common, if quite complicated and expensive, surgical procedure for implanting the leads.

Beyond these decks, exocortices are becoming increasingly common. Exos are bits of technology that allow offloading of mental processes. Memories, research, problem solving…as time goes by, more are trusted to technology that is integral to, but still separate from the owner.

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